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Experience the Enigma of Ethnic Clothing in Contemporary Style

Don’t follow trends. Be the trendsetter. Don’t let fashion define who you are. Express yourself by the way you dress and the way you live. Love Ethnic. Live Ethnic.

As a top ethnic fashion brand, we have been promoting everything ethnic and handcrafted for five wonderful years.
It is a great pleasure for Byhand to have been able to uphold our aim of endorsing and furthering India’s artisanal tradition through our most exquisite and uniquely crafted handmade dresses. All our clothes are simple, trendy and ethnically enticing.

Byhand is a tribute to the cultural heritage of our country. We discovered the ethnic diversity and traditional artistic expression of India while travelling across the country. We understood the need for being the voice of our own heritage and uplifting our own people. ‘Byhand’ was founded with the purpose of enabling the traditional craftsmen of India to have sustainable livelihoods and provide them with viable incomes while also promoting our cultural clothing. We understand the value of going back to our roots, looking for sustainable fashions that are ingrained in our cultural traditions, and providing our customers with distinctive “Traditional Wears in a Contemporary Style” that meets modern fashion goals.

Each of our products is the ideal fusion of tradition and grace, reflecting true Indianness. Byhand makes an effort to highlight the diversity of India’s traditional textile industry without compromising on the ‘modern trend’ element. All our garments are specially made to add a modern touch to traditional apparel. We use conventional methods to create clothing that meets the needs of contemporary men and women. Even though ethnic styles of dress are the main focus, the Byhand store offers a wide range of clothing models. We constantly strive to make the best ensembles possible in order to meet the fashion aspirations of all age groups and genders.

The name ‘Byhand’ itself is self-definitive. Byhand brings to customers products that are made by hand. Most of our products are handmade as we either use handloom fabrics or use techniques like tie and dye, hand block printing, hand dying, bandhani, shibori etc. that are completely done with human hands. We consider this as a simple effort in keeping the traditional method of dress-making in our country alive.

We believe that sustainable fashion is not a trend, it is the future. Sustainable fashion is not a luxury but a necessity.
With our products, we encourage slow fashion and focus on the “look good and feel good component” of fashion clothing. We aim to make sustainable fashion affordable. All our clothes are made by utilising eco-friendly and organic materials including natural fabrics and vegetable dyes. We are absolutely delighted to make eco-friendly apparel accessible to everyone and do everything possible to appreciate organic fashion.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for trendy, ethnic clothing which is affordable and sustainable, Byhand is your destination. Byhand is for those who make conscious choices. Byhand is for the future of the planet.

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