Latest ethnic fashion trends in India 2022

Create chic looks with the latest ethnic fashion trends in India.

The furor to keep pace with the latest fashion trends has always been an involuntary habit in humankind, regardless of gender. Men and women inherently possess a sense of fashion in them and constantly try to look best. We readily adopt styles from the nook and corner of the world, that we believe could possibly enhance our looks and elevate our personality. The ability to adapt with new styles in itself is considered as a symbol of modernity. The way we present ourselves speaks a lot about what we perceive and what we adore. Along with factors like behavior and mannerisms, our dressing and style equally plays a crucial role in depicting our persona to the world. Needless to say that our clothes form the base of the first impressions about us. Here in this article, latest ethnic fashion trends in India is discussed.

Indians are generally conceived to be fashion lovers. We are a diverse community and this diversity of cultures has given us the boon of having fashion galore in this country. From Ghagras and Dhotis of the north to Pavadais and Mundu of the south, Indian clothing list will have uncountable names on it. The richness is not just seen in the style of making garments but also in the fabric used and the prints, threadworks and other detailing on the clothes. The question is how much do we cherish this invaluable ampleness of Indian heritage in terms of fashion and styles?

Ethnic fashion Trends

Earlier Indian fashion industry looked up to the West as the major reference point in fashion. Be it the style, attire, fabrics or embellishments, everything that appeared in the fashion labels of western countries were thought to be the best of fashion. However, times have changed and so has the Indian concepts of what suits us the most. We have learned to look back and move forward. The Indian fashion industry has begun to hugely acknowledge the beauty of the deep rooted Indian cultural enigma. Our traditional weaves and artisanal expertise started to regain their losing eminence in the Indian clothing sector. Indian styles of dressing gained a unique attention that the fashion lovers in different countries of the world categorized them as comfy and trendy clothing and incorporated them into their daily wear attires.

Our ancestors have developed beautiful techniques of crafting alluring pieces of garments that are exquisite and unique. So have they devised exclusive methodologies of making accessories and gadgets that compliments the delicacy of our ethnic clothing. There are no substitutes for a beautiful Ajrakh printed kurta, a Baghru shirt or a Bhandhani saree. The ability of ethnic clothes to make us stand out in the crowd is immense due to their uniqueness and versatility. It is this valuable tradition that has helped the modern Indian fashion industry to compete with other fashion clusters around the globe. Indian fashion industry has come a long way in terms of uplifting its own cultural clothing to a higher level. The nuanced concept of the global village has also helped in the advancement of Indian ideas of fashion.

There has been a notable evolution in the conceptualization and materialization of trends in India. It is the amalgamation of tradition into modernity that gave our clothes the winning edge. Fusion dressing has been the showstopper for a while now. Contemporary styling ideas when clubbed with ethnic methods of designing, making and decorating garments has proven to give amazingly mesmerizing masterpieces to the clothing sector. Hence the dress making practices that are truly native to various small villages of India have gained prominence beyond boundaries, creating imprints of Indian culture across the world. India’s ethnic fashion has unquestionably reinstated its power of curating enticing trends that are worth following.

Ethnic fashion has grown from mere festive clothing to grand signature dressing. Be it a casual look or a formal look, ethnic elements can elevate the elegance of the appearance. There are no occasions in which ethnic clothes cannot be a part of.  A solid Indian kurta- pyjama with a self – printed jacket would be perfect for a formal meetup. A Sunday brunch cannot be more elegant if we add an ajrakh printed shrug to our attire. At marriage ceremonies Jamdhani Tussar silk sarees can create a magical look. Indo western designs are always a go to style for college going youth.

If you are thinking of revamping your style, make sure to add some ethnic clothes and accessories to your wardrobe. Here are a few references to the trending ethnic styles in India:

#1. Go for handloom clothes and traditional weaves

viral ethnic looks
A Line Kurta Cotton Floral green and orange

Clothes that are made with expertise and care create a classy look. The skill of traditional weavers and artisans in making garments is exceptional. Indian weavers are known to produce high-quality fabrics from times immemorial. However, Machine-made clothes cannot provide you the feel of class and comfort that traditionally woven clothes can offer. Be it for making women’s clothing or men’s wear, choose handloom fabrics to experience the real charm and purity of ethnic fashion.

#2. Add ethnic prints to garments

ethnic fashion trends
Printed Cotton Pleated Kurti

Fabrics are only the beginning of your clothing story. It is when beautiful designs and motifs are incorporated onto fabrics, that they gain real life. India is immensely rich in terms of art and craft, especially when it comes to cloth designing. Traditional clothing arts of India have been recognized across the world for their beauty, quality, intricacy, and bright color combinations. Ajrakh print, Bhagru print, Sanganeri print, Kalamkari work and Mughal prints among others are ancient printing techniques developed in various small villages of India. They are immensely beautiful and add the right amount of elegance to both men’s and women’s clothing.

#3. Paneled and tired dresses are in fashion

Spaghetti Strap Tiered Dress

#4. Traditional embroidery is evergreen

Kantha Linen Silk Saree

Like traditional prints, traditional embroidery patterns are also much splendid and invaluable. Kashmiri embroidery, Chikankari works, Kutch embroidery, etc. when added on to clothes creates designs that no other look can beat.

#5. Cotton and silk sarees can never be outdated.

Ethnic Fashion
Begampuri Khadi Cotton Saree

Sarees are the most looked upon ethnic clothing of India. Indian women for a very long time in history have been wearing sarees in different styles. A beautiful printed cotton saree or an elegant silk saree can give you the diva look undoubtedly. Another highlight among the Indian ethnic sarees is the Bhandhani printed sarees, which are native to the northern parts of India, but has been able to become the favorite of women across the country.

#6. Experiment with fusion dressing

ethnic fashion trends
Purple Panel Anarkali with Multi color Belt

Indian styles are worn by people around the world and this aspect has given rise to the trend of fusion clothing. When Indian and foreign styles come together on a single piece of garment, it produces an ever-dashing look. Indo- western pattern of clothing is highly trending in India these days. Imagine the chic look of wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt along with a long-printed shrug

#7. Printed shirts and kurtas can create a manly signature

ethnic fashion trends
Handloom Brown with Yellow Yoke Men Kurta

It is believed that not much experiments can be done with men’s wear. However new fashion concepts have given a new outlook to what men can and should wear to stay stylish. Old styles of solid or checkered patterns in shirting are not the only options in men’s clothing now. Ethnic prints have conquered men’s fashion and the pattern goes very well in shirts, kurtas, pants, and even dhotis.

#8. Sustainable fashion is the current call

ethnic fashion trends
Bagru Printed Yellow Tunic And Patch-Panelled Jacket With Yoke

Being high on fashion also appeals to being responsible in fashion. With the fashion industry being a big contributor to wastage and pollution issues, it is important that we turn to fashion concepts that are nature friendly. Cruelty-free, sustainable, and slow fashion is the call of the hour. Ethnic clothes made with pure natural yarn and colored with plant-based natural dyes are available these days in the most modern looks. So there is no need to compromise on trends when embracing sustainable fashion.

India’s cultural heritage is sure to get a vivid voice through the ever-evolving fashion concepts. Invoke the fashion icon in you with the most alluring Indian ethnic styles. There are a number of fashion brands emerging in India that upholds our cultural heritage and bring out the best fashion trends. Check out, which is an ethnic fashion store committed to promoting Indian ethnic clothing in a sustainable manner for reference.

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