Break the Pattern, Be the Leader

Successful leaders seem to create the space to reflect and be quite critical of their lifestyle. They are able to identify the conscious & subconscious decisions that lead them to the current lifestyle and how those same lifestyle is playing pivotal role today. Then, they can either break those patterns or leverage them further for the best. Sustainable, Eco-friendly and Ethnic clothing has been such a pattern-break for those who are really bold to be different.

Firstly What is Sustainable Fashion ?

Sustainable fashion is a word that’s increasingly used (and overused) these days, as we all become highly aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothes. But Question remains: What is actually sustainable Fashion ?

In short, it’s an umbrella term for clothes that are crafted and used in a way that can be, quite literally, sustained, while protecting both the nature and those who are producing garments. I

Perfection in Imperfection

Indian brands in the sustainable spectrum are a little bit different than sustainable brands from the other region of the world. Here we also try to value the local handicraft and the beauty and the diversity of ancestral and traditional technics.
We enjoy perfection in the Imperfection.

Breaking the Pattern & Leading

We have seen the nature and the breaking all the pattern in last two years, keeping distance, not meeting people, not doing anything made all of us Super heroes. It is the new normal. True leaders never have ever followed others, they have always built their path forward. They have chosen the less walked roads, or they made new ones.

Wearing formals to a Business Meeting is the Pattern; When you are attending the meeting in a well maintained ethnic wear instead of a business wear, then you are breaking the pattern; You will have all the eyes on you and all the ears too. When you carry your tradition and culture in what you wear, You are radiating the positivity of your roots.

Slowly, It is becoming a trend among the people, who always stood tall about their origin. It not just makes you stand tall, it helps another family stay safe; the family of people who have made your clothes. As cloth being the primary need of a human being, the person who creates is also playing a key role in this world. It’s our duty or a social resposibility to protect their lives and tradition.

We take this opportunity to thank all those leaders – the real change makers who has chosen Byhand as their pattern-break outfit.


Byhand is focused to improve the lives of true artisans and craftsmen who spend their life being the guardians of Traditional arts and craft. Every product under the brand ‘Byhand’ is actually made by hands and every product has story; A story of hard work, patience and sacrifice.

There are many thought leaders in Sustainable fashion or Ethical fashion domain. Mr Rajendraprasad – Founder of Byhand is one among them. He keeps on inspiring people who like fashion and style but are concerned about the current practices of the fashion industry through various efforts.

We invite you all to a fabulous world of Ethical and Sustainable cloths where your skin is safe from hazardous chemical dyes.

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