Tradition is trending: Ajrakh sarees are gaining positions in ethnic wardrobes.

India’s Ajrakh is an ageless form of art. This print has been popular for over 400 years and dates back to that time. The story of Ajrakh saree origin hails from the Sindh, Ajrakhpur and Kutch regions. The elegance of clothing embellished with Ajrakh prints is undefinable. 

The uniqueness of Ajrakh comes from the choice of natural-inspired patterns and colours. It can be embossed on a variety of materials including cotton and silk. This calls for the versatility of styles that could be curated using the Ajrakh prints. Imagine the captivating look of Gajji Ajrakh Sarees or Ajrakh Modal Silk sarees with intriguing floral motifs printed all over. No wonder the Ajrakh printed attires are currently on trend in the fashion world. 

Why are Ajrakh sarees popular?

Ajrakh print sarees are rapidly becoming a popular fashion choice for women all over India. The fashion world is taking notice of the art quite favourably. The Ajrakh art is well known for its exquisite block prints, alluring patterns, and intricate motifs. Your ethnic wardrobe might look dull and incomplete without at least one beautiful Ajrakh drape. The design of an Ajrakh print saree will always be distinctive. The ease of draping and the feel of comfort of an Ajrakh saree in the natural fabric cannot be compromised. If you are looking for an upgrade of your ethnic wardrobe for the festival season, an Ajrakh print saree is undoubtedly a must-have.

Modal Ajrakh Blue Base Silk Saree blue base big star floral
Modal Ajrakh Blue Base Silk Saree blue base big star floral

Timeless Elegance

The amazing artwork is quite detailed and aesthetically pleasing. The craftsmen are hugely inspired by nature. The floral, leaf and other motifs used in the Ajrakh prints are extremely adorable and go well with most looks. Ajrakh sarees, which were once famous in western India’s Gujarat and Rajasthan, are now in style across the country and outside. 

Natural Techniques

As the prints of Ajrakh are inspired by nature, so are the dyes. The dyes used are sourced from natural products. The majority of Ajrakh print sarees are made with hand block printing methods, and the fabrics are treated with natural dyes to expose gorgeous earth tones. 

The adaptability of the print

Ajrakh prints compliments fabrics of various types. Though they are mostly crafted on cotton and silk fabrics, they can also be incorporated into rayon, viscose and even linen. The most adored saree in the Ajrakh pattern are the Ajrakh cotton sarees, Ajrakh Modal silk sarees and Gajji Ajrakh sarees. The main factors contributing to these sarees’ popularity are how simple they are to wear and how comfortable they are. Needless to mention the elegance once they are draped because they give your look a very distinct ethnic feel.

The art of Ajrakh has come a long way and has gracefully picked up from changes to become what it is today, utterly appealing! Traditional artists have been struggling to keep this art alive for centuries. But today with the increasing acceptance of Ajrakh art, there are higher hopes for their revival and re-establishment. 

We at Byhand are trying to encourage the use of this exotic art form to link fashion and tradition. Explore our unique collection of sarees and attires with adorable Ajrakh prints that can be your go-to style for every occasion.

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